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A Foundation Dedicated to Restoring/Protecting Rivers and Streams of the World

Program Planning and Implementation - Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting

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Note: Rivers of the World (ROW) Foundation is a Tax-Exempt(501(c)3)Organization. All contributions to the ROW Foundation (Fed. Tax ID 26-062-3120 )qualify to be deductible from U.S. income taxes. All Rivers of the world foundation team members are participating in the Rivers/Stream restoration and protection activities on their personal time and contributing their personal funds. Not a single volunteer of the Foundation is receiving any compensation, rather they are paying towards the cause. They are conducting the activities in compliance with applicable regulations (US 18 U.S.C. 207 , 5 CFR 2635, and others; India - IPC for Ethics) in their respective countries. They are dedicated to Restore/Protect Rivers/Steams of the World and provide clean water for the poor and needy.